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”Words from wise people are like sharp sticks used to guide animals. They are like nails that have been driven in firmly. Altogether they are wise teachings that come from one Shepherd.“ Ecclesiastes 12:11 NCV

If you have been following this ministry for a while, you must be familiar with the several teachings around the importance of having one instructor under whom you submit.

There is an observation that has stood true over the years, any man or woman that has multiple voices instructing them lack stability, in one way or the other and rightfully so. It is no surprise that this text is found in one of the books that teach wisdom that the words from the wise are as nails fastened and they must come from ONE shepherd.

Child of God, we can have many teachers as Paul says in1 Corinthians 4:14, but not many have a fathering heart to take the time to truly teach you the ways of wisdom. Not many deserve to receive a right to steward your soul.

It doesn’t cancel out the availability of many other excellent teachers as resources, but your soul has to be able discern by the spirit who will speak and you will by conviction know it is the Lord’s extension of mercy.

Be therefore not deceived, for the Lord you serve and are born of is patterned and all things concerning Him must be done in order. Hallelujah!

Prayer: Father, I thank you for this truth. I know who fathers me by the spirit and I understand my responsibility to submit and to receive every word as spoken in love. I am knowledgeable of your nature which doesn’t have any confusion or compromise in it, and I honor the pattern through which you establish your kingdom in our hearts in Jesus name. Amen!


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