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“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” 1 Corinthians 15:33 KJV

The voices in the life of every individual play a significant part in instructing their fate. Our theme scripture is a golden instruction Paul brought to us because it is the bedrock of guarding one’s heart.

Let us look at friendships for example. The friends you surround yourself with, trust, spend time with could qualify as “voices in your life”. It means they communicate either evil or good, therein influencing your manners wether by corrupting them or positively challenging them.

Child of God, be very sensitive about how certain interactions leave you feeling. Is it drained and questioning the wisdom of God that may not always make sense to the carnal mind? Then pay attention, and gradually set your boundaries as led of the spirit.
Does it leave you spurred to faith, increasingly hungry for the things of God and the love of others even when it seems easier to disconnect? Then lean in and let the spirit perfect this good work in you. The Lord is no author of confusion and no communication that is of him will ever contradict His word or His character. Hallelujah!

Prayer: Father I thank you for this wisdom. I have disciplined my spirit as it pertains to what I listen to, watch or participate into. I am not oblivious to my surroundings and I leave no room for the enemy to have a foothold. I have a ruled spirit that knows to love all men but discern open doors that may be a channel for enticement. I keep my heart submitted and soft towards your spirit that my actions will glorify Jesus, to the glory of your name. Amen! 


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