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“I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman.” Job 31:1 NIV

One of the fatal rocks that has caused many to fall is the lust of the flesh (1 John 2:16), and in his argument Job shares his personal resolve to keep himself from adultery, and not just that but any attempt to look at any other woman other than his wife.

Job was a wealthy man, living in a society that allowed multiple wives and exalted prestige, but his reverence of God kept him from breaking the original order of marriage which is of one man marrying one woman (Genesis 2:24). He had no concubines, mistresses and though his status permitted the latter, his heart was not after the flesh. From this passage, we see that certain sins, adultery included, do not just happen but are premeditated and pre-decided. The eye is the lamp of the body and what you expose it to has tremendous impact on the thought processes you engage into and what those thoughts will eventually yield as action and result.

Child of God, guard your eyes from transferring defiling information to your heart. Resolve in your heart today, to be an intentional guardian of what you expose your eye and ear gates to, for through it the heart won’t be spared.

Prayer: Father I thank you for this wisdom. As your servants of old taught us, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. I guard my heart jealously for in it are all the issues of life. I speak to my soul in hymns and in psalms, offering sacrifices of praise with what I watch, think or listen to it publicly or privately. May my life be said to have been an instrument of your glory, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!


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