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“Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation”Isaiah 12:3 KJV

Minister Dunsin Oyekan likes to say “Happiness is based on happenings but joy is a spirit”. If you have not reaped the benefits of salvation this can easily feel like a foreign concept to grasp.

Salvation is the greatest miracle to which even angels in heaven stand in ovation, but once you have received your gift, how you use it and consume it determines how much it means to you and how much you realize you needed it. Those two aspects determine a meaningful gift, even in our natural environment where you receive different presents.

After salvation has been received, our hearts and minds must be in agreement that nothing evil can come from the hands of God the Almighty. Therefore, whatever salvation produces in and through us is good, irrespective of how it “feels”. Remember that though feelings are real, they are not the truth.

When by the hands of salvation we are chastised, God is good. When we are rebuked, He is good. When we are applauded, all glory is to God. When we are going through hardship, He is still good. That is what our theme scripture states, WITH JOY we draw from the well of salvation.

The posture of joy, to remain ever consistent, ought to be engrafted in the salvation we have received as a gift. Settle down securely into this understanding, hold fast and contend for your joy. As we wrestle not against flesh and blood, most of darts from the enemy are aiming at your Joy!

Prayer: Father, I thank you for this truth. I have entered your rest with this understanding, and I know nothing can shake my peace or my joy for it cannot be separated from the very salvation I have received through Christ. I rest my eyes on the author and finisher of this work, to the glory of your name, Amen!


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