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“And yet, I am the God who forgives your sins, and I do this because of who I am. I will not hold your sins against you.” Isaiah 43:25 GNT

Many of us are familiar with nepotism, which by definition is simply the act of granting privileges, advantages and positions to relatives in the workplace.

It is one thing if you offer the position to a relative who happens to be competent, but it is another altogether when they receive that position when everyone can see that they do not deserve it at all and barely deliver on their assignments. Unfortunately, many times we approach God the same way. Many religious people, even when they might not say, their actions show an unconscious belief that if I can behave well enough, be good enough, God will love me or do things for me.

As a result, there may be rebellion or dismay, even as far as disappointment in God when things don’t go according to how you believe you should have been rightfully compensated for your good behavior.Our theme scripture informs us otherwise, we are forgiven our sins, blessed and showed mercy because of WHO HE IS and nothing we do. God has resolved in His heart to forgive you yesterday’s sin that you know about and tomorrow’s which you have no idea you will commit. This posture is the same for the 80 y.o who died yesterday as it is for the newborn that is due tomorrow.

Child of God, this is also a double edged truth. Knowing that you are forgiven thanks to Christ makes it impossible for God to not forgive, is the same girdle that should cause you to abhor what got Him to die in the first place. Always then remember that it is because of His mercy that we do not perish, and walk jealously protecting that truth like life depends on it for it does! Hallelujah.

Prayer: Father I thank you for this truth. I thank you that in you all things consist. As the psalmist said, where would we hide from your presence? Blessed be our Lord Jesus who has made us triumph through his sacrifice. To Him belongs all glory, honor and praise, Amen! 


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