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“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 NIV

In the gospels, we notice many words that Jesus personally spoke and if you are a keen student of the word you will realize that much of the instruction is in the choice of words that he uses.

In our theme scripture for example, he didn’t say he had showed them the way, or pointed them to the way, or told them the way — He said HE WAS THE WAY. The word used for way in this passage is the greek word hodos which means different things that give us richer context on why He described Himself as the way. Hodos means a travelled road or journey, to encourage the believer on his journey that most likely follows the greatest decision of one’s life — salvation.

Hodos also means a course of conduct, to inform the believer that you cannot follow Christ, carry Christ in your very temple which is your body and still conduct yourself as the world does (Philippians 1:27). The most challenging part of Hodos is that it also means a thought, a feeling and a decision. Your thoughts must glorify Christ and be cast down should they attempt to exalt themselves above Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Your knowledge of God’s character and nature should always stand as your truth over your feelings especially when they differ or attempt to teint the latter ( Psalm 37:25).

Child of God, Christ is not merely a man to follow but a model to become. A character to embody until there is no difference to be made between you and Him. Be therefore encouraged to become Him without thinking it robbery as He himself did our Father in heaven ( Philippians 2:6).

Prayer: Father I thank you for this wisdom. I pattern myself after Christ who is the way and embodiment of every good and perfect gift that comes from the Father. I am empowered by your holy spirit to live a supernatural life in a natural world and I commit my ways to you who is able to keep all things until the day of Christ. I pray this in His name, Amen!


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