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”So let everyone in Israel know for certain that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, to be both Lord and Messiah!” Peter’s words pierced their hearts, and they said to him and to the other apostles, “Brothers, what should we do?”
Acts of the Apostles 2:36-37 NLT

The famous sermon Peter preached after Christ’s ascension is a message that restores the fear of the Lord to the body of Christ.

Some of our dear men and women of God have succumbed to the deception that the Word of God is too concentrated and therefore must be diluted in order for the unconverted to relate to it. Alas that is a lie from the pit of hell, for Paul prophesied a time when many will have itching ears and will be unable to endure sound doctrine (2 Timothy 4:3).

Men and women of God, the Word of God is effective in its fullness, it is a double edge sword sharp enough to cut asunder and draw a man to Christ. There is no other power that converted 3000 men on the spot, except for this very word preached with a hearty hatred for error, a sharpness to wound the sinful heart of man and draw its attention to the mercy of a savior.

This savior is Christ Jesus who has already been given out by God and who completed His task and sits at the side of the Father today. Child of God, let not your spirit be quenched by listening to what it wants to hear and not what it needs to hear. Every one of us carries eternity in their hearts(Ecclesiastes 3:11) and knows when the message they are seated under is not mortifying the flesh.

Be therefore wise in how you position yourself, for every man will answer for his response, or lack thereof.

Prayer: Father, I thank you for this word. I acknowledge my need for mercy and give myself wholly to the study of your word that it may edify me. You promise that my teachers shall not be hidden from me, and I hold fast to this promise in every season, drinking from the well of my salvation all my days, in Jesus mighty name. Amen! 


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