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“My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.” I John 3:18 NKJV

The first seven years of a child are the most formative years of their life and many schools of thought agree that the things you wish to take real root in the life of this child should be inculcated within these first seven years. If you were to choose what to prioritize most, respect, love, gratitude and contentment would be the first most defining things to consider.

Some of the things we need in this life are hinged on others which are foundational, for example love will breed compassion, respect will teach honor where due, gratitude positions one’s heart to find the good in all circumstances and contentment tames the appetites that could lead to lust. In our theme scripture, the writer encourages us to not just love in speech and turn a blind eye when the latter demands action. If a sister or a brother is walking into deception, true love demands that you who sees the pitfall will exhort them into truth even at the risk of loosing them.

If you have, in a time where your brother lacks, even the little you have is best shared than hoarded. If you claim to love the Lord, your actions should be depicting that truly that love is shed abroad in your heart and you live in continuous response to what it breeds in you. Child of God, do not be deceived for every seed carries its life in itself (Genesis 1:11). Whatever it is we are made of, will reflect sooner or later in our fruit.

Be men and women known for their love toward one another and a hearty hatred for error that is uncompromising. Hallelujah !

Prayer: Father I thank you for this word and the strength imparted to me by your spirit to live by its principles. I draw heavily from the standard which you have set, the man Jesus Christ who, by your grace makes it possible to be transformed into your likeness day by day. It shall not be said of me that I fainted on my course, but instead I finished my race well and accomplished every assignment that had my name on it, in Jesus mighty name. Amen! 


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