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”We love each other because he loved us first.“
1 John 4:19 NLT

Any form of love we express can only be as genuine and pure to the extent which the love of God has been revealed to us.

One might arguably say does that mean people of different beliefs don’t love? They do, just not substantially. Love is categorized in four kinds, a matrimonial/ romantic love, a platonic or brotherly love, a parental love and finally, a sacrificial and unconditional love which is the one that God embodies and referred to in our theme scripture.

The latter is the only form of love able to produce the fruits of love as listed in 1 Corinthians 13:4 unconditionally. If it be a husband to wife, its standard is to love as Christ loved the church (Ephesians 5:25). If it is brotherly love, let it be as you love yourself and do unto others as you wish done to you (Luke 6:31). If it be parental steward your children in the way they should go with understanding that they are God’s .

Child of God, the essence of a believer’s love must be embedded in the nature of the one who is love (1 John 4:8). It is the only way to be empowered not to hold no record of wrong, to be kind and patient when the other may not deserve it, to persevere when all signs point to giving up.

Let your love always be inclined towards this truth for it is the perfect will of our Father. Hallelujah!

Prayer: Father I thank you for this truth. I thank you for your love that is unconditional, consistent and true. I yield my heart to you that my love may be as an extension of your own. Open my eyes to see as you do, and my heart to feel after you,  in Jesus name. Amen! 


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