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”What I impart has greater worth than gold and treasure, and the increase I bring benefits more than a windfall of income.“ Proverbs 8:19 TPT

This is one of the most insightful scriptures as it pertains to living in excellence.

Money can buy you every material possession you need, place you in a social standing that you may have not gotten otherwise, and open doors that may have remained closed. It is good to work hard and earn your bread.

However, it is not all there is. An intimate relationship with God has benefits that you cannot even know where to find let alone afford to buy (Job 28:7). You commune daily with the one that created time and lives outside of it, the one who searches the hearts of all men evil or holy and yet desires the best for both.

How would such a connection impact and affect how you live your life if you had it with another human being? You would be elated even strive hard to stay connected to this individual. Now you have that much access to God through Christ and by the spirit.

You walk with an awareness of things to come, an unshakable hope of good to come, a peaceful rest and ease because everything works in consonance to reassure you that He is faithful He that promised even when it doesn’t look like it yet, and most importantly this insight is pure because it is from the Holy Spirit — meaning it is not defiled for it is Holy.

Child of God, such things should you desire. All the material possessions you desire will serve you but is for sure subject to decay and expiration. What He imparts on the other hand is from the realm that doesn’t know moth or rust and is not subject to time or qualifications of any kind. Just a pure and willing heart. Desire such wealth, for it is eternal. Selah!

Prayer: Father I thank you for this truth. I treasure the things you impart to my spirit more than necessary food for your words are spirit and life. Train me up in the ways I should go as my Father, and I will not depart in Jesus’ name.


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